My Top Best 5 phones of 2021


For better or worse we’ve had an “interesting” year. The majority of things around the globe remain in chaosthere’s no way to avoid that. There’s some hope, however in the least, as when the mobile market is concerned. In spite of continuous manufacturing challenges and supply shortages smartphones have created a variety of amazing smartphones. I’ve used, reviewed or otherwise encountered several devices through 2021. those are only a few of them that made an impression on me. Best 5 phones of 2021.

Asus ROG Phone 5/5s

Although many have tried and are trying to overtake Asus however, I am convinced that no other device is even near with the ROG phone in regards to gaming performance as well as experience, ecosystem, and the advanced software features. To be precise, I’m certainly not saying that it’s the greatest quality device and certainly not the most efficient on the hardware front however, as a whole it’s not yet defeated.

It’s the same with the latest ROG Phone 5/5s model even though I don’t really like some of the choices ASUS made in transitioning to ROG Phone 3 to ROG Phone 3 and the ROG Phone 5. Just to mention a few ROG Phone 5 isn’t compatible with the majority of ROG Phone II or 3 accessories. The accessory selection is considerably smaller than earlier models. It is also the case that AeroActive Cooler 5 is not included in the standard model. The new design of the cooler as well as its connector are difficult to align and is prone to end up being damaged. Best 5 phones of 2021.

Asus has also abandoned some of its basic principles of the past, such as the idea of having a single battery to ensure longevity, and replaced it by a dual-cell model that allows for faster charging. It’s possible to go on and on, but the truth is that despite all these flaws and other shortcomings, like the absence of protection against ingress as well as the SD card slot, as well as an extremely basic camera setup I find myself returning to my ROG Phone 5. And I don’t even game on my phone. This ROG Phone 5 simply remains one of the best feature-rich smartphones available. This is what I love most about a phone.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

If you’re reading these posts in chronological order and then Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be a perfect fit. I love my phones full of the most modern features that I can avail. This is in addition to the most impressive display, the largest and longest-lasting battery, the strongest body, constructed from top materials and offering protection from ingress and not being overly “rugged”, while any additional I/O is simply extra. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra delivers impressively on all of these areas. Best 5 phones of 2021.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

I am particularly impressed by the high-quality materials available here which includes an aluminum frame and ceramic back. Both of the features are apparent in the high price but finding high-end materials in a smartphone of today is now so difficult that I’m unable to help but be grateful the fact that Xiaomi continues to put in the effort. This stunning 6.81-inch 120Hz, QHD+ 10 bit panel that has 1700 nits of brightness and HDR10+ as well as Dolby Vision is stunning and certainly one of the top models available. Although I would personally, prefer the superior camera configuration on Mi 11 Ultra Mi 11 Ultra for something like a larger battery with a capacity of 6,000mAh, because I’m not as obsessed with photography, there’s no doubt that it’s great to have one of the top all-round camera setups available on phones.

Samsung Galaxy A52/A52s

One of the greatest benefits that comes with working for GSMArena is the continuous exposure to the most innovative new technology. While it’s a wonderful feeling, it does have negatives. In the main, it’s about “desensitizing” to things like excessive prices and completely absurd value propositions. It’s not difficult to feel “out of touch” when you’re surrounded by most recent and advanced technology. To be honest even if it wasn’t to be my job I wouldn’t likely spend a lot on mobiles. In 2021, we saw several outstanding mid-range offerings and fantastic value propositions that I’d most likely pursue. Samsung’s fantastic Galaxy A lineup is a perfect example of what I mean by.

Samsung Galaxy A52/A52s

The Korean giant has made an effort into its most popular line of phones. An unforgettable unveiling event was held in March. It featured the Galaxy A52’s original design 3G, A52 5G, and A72 trio as well as a new , trendy “awesome is for everyone” style and attitude. I was enthralled with the brand new, youthful and vibrant design, especially the striking and soft look for the A52 and the A72. Best 5 phones of 2021.

Samsung has been able to provide a big-time experience without spending a lot of money the Galaxy A52 managed to pack the most bang for your dollar within the overall solid range. It’s a gorgeous phone with a useful and appealing collection of features that have no frills. It has features like a superb Super AMOLED display, a stunning and IP67-rated body, stereo speaker configuration, long-lasting battery life, and a complete camera setup are just a few highlights. Although there is no doubt that the Galaxy A52s 5G already exists and is significantly superior to the predecessor in every way but I think that it was the first Galaxy A52 left a major impression on me. Samsung’s pledge of enhanced software support for the majority features of its latest Galaxy A lineup was kind of the perfect cherry on top of the spectacular “Awesome is for everyone” event.

Xiaomi Poco F3 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

I’m sure I’m breaking the rules by listing two devices at the same time here I’m not sure, but in my view it’s I think the Redmi Note 10 Pro and the Poco F3 have kind of become interspersed throughout the year, and are a regular “go-to” for great mid-range features. If I needed to pick one the latter, it would be that of the Poco F3, since it is the more powerful processor, that supports 5G as well with other connectivity options like W-Fi 6.

Xiaomi Poco F3

The Redmi Note 10 Pro has an improved 108MP main camera and a battery that is slightly larger. Also, depending on your individual needs, it may be the best choice. However, both are amazing devices that feature stunning 6.67-inch 120Hz HDR, AMOLED panels with stereo speakers, and superb build quality. It also comes that comes with Gorilla Glass 5 security as well as an IP53 certification. This and much more at a price that isn’t too expensive.

Asus Zenfone 8

If there’s one thing that bothers me most regarding the present situation in the mobile world is the absence of options. In a real sense, you’re regularly bombarded with new devices from a variety of brands every single day and battling for your attention. However, once you look into the details, you’ll quickly recognize that the most sought-after and cost-effective devices are all neatly “group up” into a certain number of categories and price segments and have a minimum of variance within each category. This isn’t an accident – a meticulously calculated effort, and the result of thorough market research. While this could boost profits and sales, it also results in a dull set of phones, there are the many “different” offers.

ASUS Zenfone

We don’t only refer to different in the sense of “whacky” or radically novel designs, such as those found on the foldable scene that is active. What’s happened to smaller phones? How come it’s almost impossible to find an actual flagship phone that’s at least a couple of inches larger than what you carry around in your purse or, for instance three plus years old?

Although I’m not able to offer any better solution than the highly competitive market, which makes making a profit from unconventional designs is almost impossible. I personally find Asus Zenfone 8 truly appealing as it is able to keep the dream of a small flagship alive. It makes devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S21 look big in the same way, and it sacrifices nothing when it comes to appearance.

The Zenfone 8 is a true top-of-the-line device with features that include aluminum as well as a Gorilla Glass construction, in contrast to Samsung’s disappointing selection in plastic this time. In addition, it comes with – in no specific order, the Zenfone 8 is a great 5.9-inch 120Hz HDR Super AMOLED display, an impressively well-cooled Snapdragon 888 chipset that has all the best connectivity and a comprehensive camera setup and a battery of 4,000 mAh that has decent capacity all things taken into consideration. Zenfone 8 is a great phone. Zenfone 8 is truly unrivaled in its weight class according to me. Best 5 phones of 2021

Honorable mentions: vivox70 Pro+ as well as Poco X3 Pro

Although I wouldn’t recommend one of them as a driver on a regular basis due to different reasons but I’m sure that the both the X70 Pro+ and the Poco X3 Pro left a lasting impression on me this year. This X70 Pro+ is an incredible flagship with nothing to be left to be desired. The camera configuration is impressive. However, for me personally I prefer the thin sort to “sharp” and industrial design with strong lines and a sandstone-like finish really makes it stand out.

As it’s an everyday feature in the whole X70 collection, I must congratulate vivo for their excellent job with this model.

In the case of this model, the Poco X3 Pro, it’s one of the devices I find myself recommending both ways as a definite affordable gaming champion. I’m not saying that it’s bad however, it does have numerous other benefits that go in addition to that. But it’s an oddity when it comes to hardware that is worth its weight.

For just a little more than EUR 200, you can get an extremely powerful Snapdragon 860 chip, and it’s Adreno 640 GPU gets to benefit from its 120Hz resolution of the FullHDand IPS displays. Yes, there are a lot of issues to take note of here but you’d not be able to beat it for a low-cost gaming device for mobile devices.

Some minor disappointments A little disappointed with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are not as good.

After several hours of discussion within my own mind, I made the decision to publish this controversial opinion of me. Before you submit your stick into the discussion, keep in mind that this is my own personal opinion. The fact is that I do not think I like this direction Google is going with its Pixel line. At first, when I heard concerning Google’s custom Tensor chip, I was interested in joining on the Pixel 6 Pro hype train and believe that it’s a great flagship.

But, Tensor kind of failed to live up to my own expectations. The capabilities it provides although amazing, aren’t enough to warrant this particular hardware project to me. It’s not at all the manner Google implemented it in spite of its machine-learning capabilities, Tensor is not a significant leap in that aspect, and also suffers due to poor heat and not hitting the mark for battery life. Best 5 phones of 2021

Again, don’t get me wrong – amazing software advancements that the industry will eventually benefit from as a whole and a solid, well-rounded pair of Pixel 6 phones. However, it might be just me, but I still wish Google had gone about the Pixel differently. Perhaps by partnering with a reputable brand for the hardware itself, like the old days of Nexus phones and then focusing on what Google does best – software. That about wraps up my 2021 highlights. I hope you found my musings interesting. And if you want to discuss any point of mine, in particular, I’ll be lurking in the comments.

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