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Medical certificates are written document issued by a doctor following an examination of the patient. It’s written proof of the health condition that a person. It is a vital document that you must have when you exceed the limit set by law since it is a crucial element when claiming insurance in order to obtain an extension of your leave to another country. It is the most important type of attestation that falls within the non-educational certificate category. Medical apostilles are applied to the certificate of medical origin to verify the authenticity of the individual. Medical Certificate Apostille Services.

It is a procedure that allows the department or officer who is authorized to do so puts their stamp or signature on the medical document so that it is able to be used in other countries. Signature and seal signify that the specific certificate has been confirmed by the relevant department and/or authority. Therefore, it is a valid certificate.

Medical Certificate Apostille Service

The legalized document allows the person applying to get the benefits of health insurance in a different country. It is also a valid legal document in the event that you need to provide the proof of absence to the office. Legalization of documents requires a number of steps, with a variety of required documents to be presented prior to attestation.

Documents Required

  • Original medical certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • 2 Passport Size Photo

Medical certificate Apostille is needed to be presented at the office or when you are not there to obtain insurance or leave extensions. This process for medical certificate legalization is called the Medical Certificate Apostille. This procedure can differ between countries. Therefore, each certificate needs to go through a process according to the country of destination specifications. Medical certificates must be attested or apostilled prior to presentation to any nation. It allows the person applying to extend the duration of their leave due to absence of medical problems. The certificate is only legally valid if the medical certificate was issued by a competent doctor or medical professional. Therefore, an apostille for medical certificates process is an officialization process for the validity of a medical document issued by an physician.

Process of Medical Certificate Apostille

  • Notary
  • HRD
  • MEA


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