Need for HRD Attestation


Human Resource Development which is popularly known as HRD is a government body that is regulated by the central government of the country. HRD attestation is a procedure on a state level that can be only authorized by the senior ranking officials from the ministry. For HRD Attest, the applicant has to submit his degrees, and if any other educational, career associated with verification before applying for abroad. Now, the question arises who needs HRD attestation? So, here is the answer.

Who Does HRD Attestation?

The prime motive when someone needs HRD Attestation when you are planning to go aboard. If you are planning to go abroad to study, job opportunities, and looking for applying for a visa? Then, you must get your documents attested by the HRD ministry. It’s a prelude step in case you are planning to study abroad. For example:- If you are planning to visit the Middle East for some sort of job opportunity, trip or study then, you just need to apply for attestation for Kuwait Embassy. When you apply for the attestation, the senior officers of state-level legalizes and approves the submitted documents by stamping it. So, basically whoever is applying for a visa needs HRD Attestation.

Why does a person Need HRD Attestation?

If you are thinking about why you need HRD Attention then, you need to read this entire blog carefully. It’s an essential procedure for everyone who is looking to visit abroad for any purpose in the future. It is legal proof of a person’s authenticity and citizenship. Based on HRD attestation the other permits are granted by the foreign country. So, when you apply for the visa you must have to submit legal and authorized education certificates that are prior signed by the senior state government officials; though the rules can vary from country to country. For instance, if you are applying for Middle Eastern countries such as Oman then, you need to look forward to the rules about attestation for Oman.

How can a person can Apply for HRD Attestation Services?

If you are planning to get your document then, you can’t directly submit your documents to the HRD department. For this, you must have your documents by the local officials and university level administrative bodies. Though the entire process is a bit comprehensive, it is beneficial for avoiding any trouble in the future. When all documents are attested by both local and state-level authorities, your application adds credibility and has a higher chance of getting approved at the embassy. For HRD you need the following documents:

Required Documents HRD Attestation

  • Mark sheets
  • Degree certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • POWs
  • Affidavits
  • Birth Certificates
  • Divorce Papers
  • Patents
  • Business Agreements

How Much Time Does the HRD Attestation Process Take?

It is a simple, direct yet exhausting process that needs the applicant to submit some documents along with his certificates. The applicant needs to bring his certificates along with Xerox copies of each and two photographs. These attestations can be legalized only by the secretariat and then by the Ministry of External Affairs for further verification. The entire HRD attestation takes a day.To get your documents HRD you can contact our dedicated executive via SEPL Document Clearing LLC.

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